One of the best forms of firefighting is fire prevention. Taking steps to reduce the chances of a fire starting in the first place. Many people, unfortunately, ignore the dangers of fire, and it is not until it is too late that they take action. In many unfortunate cases, the action is taken too late to prevent loss of lives and property.
There are various steps you can take when you consider fire prevention. It does not matter where you live, apartment, house or a mobile home. Fires can start anywhere, so you need to take steps to ensure that you reduce the chances of a fire starting on your property by below basic fire safety tips at home.

Basic fire safety tips at home

Applying smoke alarms is one of the basic fire safety tips at home

gvbhnjmkerdtfyguhIf you do not have smoke alarms fitted in your home, then you should buy some today and attach them to the ceiling throughout the property. Ensure they are fitted inside sleeping areas and on every level of the property. If you already have smoke alarms fitted, then you need to check the batteries at regular intervals. You can check the smoke alarm by pressing the red button so that you can manually activate the alarm to check it is working. To enable you to remember to check the smoke alarms in the future then why note makes a note in your diary or circle a date on the calendar. You could do a check every month, maybe on the last or first day.

Placing fire extinguishers

Placing fire extinguishers on every floor is another good fire prevention step to take along with one in the kitchen. Never buy a second-hand fire extinguisher because it may be faulty. If you buy new from a registered stockiest, then you will know it will be working fine and has passed all the safety checks.

A fire blanket in the kitchen is another good idea

If you place it near the doorway it can be used quite quickly and will provide you with an easy exit should the fire get out of control. Avoid using ordinary towels and clothes if I fire starts in the kitchen. This can make the fire spread and may also endanger you. It is always best to use equipment that was made for the particular job. Fire blankets are this equipment because they are made from fire retardant material that will smother the fire, starving it of oxygen, so it ill is extinguished quickly.

Never keep flammable liquids inside the home

They should be kept outside in secure containers. Many people use common petrol for cleaning specific things and have the container inside the home. This is a big mistake so take anything flammable outside.

You should always have pre-planned escape routes in case of fire

tfgvhjnkdfgyhuYou should make your family aware of the routes by practicing them on a regular basis. When a fire starts you and your family will know the steps to take that will be the quickest way to get them to safety. The escape routes will need to be planned so that they can be implemented from all parts of the house.

If you take you consider the mentioned basic fire safety tips at home to prevent fires starting in the first place, it reduces the risk and dangers significantly. It is just a matter of taking action and putting a little time aside to consider the worst thing that can happen and to take precautions accordingly. Doing this will not just protect your property and valuables it will also save the lives of you and your family.