When the temperatures out there become unbearably cold, everyone loves the feeling of spending some time indoors due to the warmth inside. Unfortunately, it gets to some point when the heater starts acting up, and the temperatures inside become almost unbearable. Many signs could be indicative of a problem in your heater. Here are some heater issues you might come across.

Heater blowing coldheater 2

A heater is meant to raise indoor temperatures. Unfortunately, it gets to some point when the heater starts blowing cold. This often happens when the air filter is clogged, leaky ductwork, or some issues with your thermostat. Some of these problems can be handled by DIY methods though it can be great if you enlisted the services of a professional and have the solution solved finally.

Heater unable to turn off

This is an exact problem to the one discussed previously. This often happens when the thermostat is incorrectly set, broken or poorly installed. To address this issue to ensure the thermostat settings are okay. If not you might have to ensure it is functional and everything is fitted correctly. If everything seems okay, it could also be a blower issue, which should be handled by an expert.

Hot and cold areas

At times, you might have some parts of the house being heated while others remain cold. It could also be that these areas are not warmed as they should. As much as this could be a problem, it can be solved. In most instances, this issue is addressed by cleaning your air filters or replacing them. In case of a leak, you should have the entire ductwork cleaned and checked.

Smoke in rooms

smoke 23Presence of smoke or a burning smell in your home can be quite alarming. The main cause for this is usually a smoke heater. If you notice a burning smell, the first thing to do is to shut off your heater and unplug it. Inspect the heater for dirt and blockage. In case you find these elements present, have it cleaned then replace the air filters. Plug it back and see whether the problem persists.

Experiencing issues with your heaters is often a major point of concern. The first thing you should do is to understand the problem. If you can handle the troubleshooting by yourself, you can try some DIY methods. If you feel your hands are tied, or if the problems persist, the best thing you can do is to seek heater repair services from the experts.